Cardiac Rehabilitation

HeartSmart Cardiac Rehabilitation is a medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation at your local fitness center.

About HeartSmart

  • 530,000 people in the Philippines have cardiovascular problems. Without cardiac rehabilitation, more than half of these patients are bound to get re-hospitalized. But only 10% of them go to a cardiac rehabilitation program, and even fewer actually finish due to lack of availability of cardiac rehabilitation centers. Presently, there are less than 20 cardiac rehab centers in the whole Philippines.

    It's clear from this that the heart patient in our country is neglected in the part that really matters: making sure that it never happens again.

  • Studies show that a well-maintained cardiac rehabilitation program significantly reduces heart patients' chances of mortality or of getting rehospitalized. With HeartSmart, we help you sustainably maintain your cardiac rehabilitation program near your home or workplace, in a HeartSmart partner fitness center near you.

    HeartSmart makes medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation more accessible for people with heart conditions, so they can continue recovering and improving their cardiac health even after getting out of the hospital.

    Our platform combines the power of Internet-of-Things technology and expert partnerships – we provide a wearable monitor, user-friendly apps, and use these to connect our partner doctors, gyms, and patients to each other.

    Here, we seek to provide the means necessary for heart patients to live a healthier, more rewarding, and more satisfying life.

  • Our mission is to serve the neglected parts of the population. We believe that inconvenience or a lack of accessibility shouldn’t be a reason for people not to receive treatment. We want to connect you with the help you deserve so that there’s always a next step to take.

  • If you or a loved one feels like they can benefit from HeartSmart, sign up for a free trial today and take the next step to a healthy heart, moving towards a better you.

Why HeartSmart?

medical expertise

Heart patients get personalized cardiac rehab programs, professionally crafted in partnership with some of the country’s best cardiac health practitioners, putting them and their expertise right at your fingertips.


Our platform allows for convenient collaboration between you, your doctors, and your gym, ensuring you get the safe and quality treatment that you deserve, wherever you are.

take charge of
your health

Your actual exercise reports and real-time data analytics gives you the power to learn more about your cardiac health and progress like never before.

How can HeartSmart help me?

For Patients & Families

  • convenience and accessibility

    Do your cardiac rehab exercise sessions at an accredited gym closer to your home or office. No more waiting in traffic. More flexible schedules are available so you don't have to take time off from work! We make it easier for you to stick to your cardiac rehab program, so you can continue improving your heart health.

  • peace of mind

    We make sure that your loved ones and doctor are regularly updated about your progress, no matter where they are. With HeartSmart, you are assured that all your sessions are prescribed and checked by your doctor.

  • progress better

    We provide you simple reports so you can track your cardiac rehab status regularly. You get a variety of exercise options available at your fingertips to make your cardiac rehab more fun and more sustainable, so that you can continue progressing on the road to better health and quality of life.

For Doctors

  • Connected Care

    With HeartSmart, we seek to empower the medical professional with tech- enabled solutions that bring a whole new definition to medical care.

  • Improved Patient Retention

    As a cardiac rehabilitation specialist, you can improve retention of your patients and provide them quality cardiac rehabilitation without being held backby distance and location.

  • Better Patient Management

    As a cardiologist, you have a better view of your patients' data right at the palm of your hands. We provide you regular reports of your patients' status and the option to get notified of important events, to support you in managing your patients' health.

For Gym Owners

  • Social Impact

    Cardiac patients are a severely underserved and neglected market in the country. With us, gyms have a valuable opportunity in becoming a focal point in these patients’ lives, with minimal additional cost necessary.

  • Maximize Revenue Streams

    Strategically lease your resources for cardiac rehabilitation and provide additional services to your existing members through HeartSmart.

  • Broaden Customer Base

    530,000 Filipinos have cardiovascular conditions. 50,000 are in Metro Manila who need somewhere to go to for their cardiac rehabilitation. Make sure you are equipped for their needs by becoming a HeartSmart-accredited partner facility.

The Team

engr. gia santos

Chief Executive Officer

dr. lorraine faeldon

Chief Medical Officer

james faeldon

Chief Technology Officer



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