Virtual Health Coach BETA

HeartSmart Virtual Health Coach is an SMS and Chat assistant that helps you manage your health condition more easily.

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Virtual Health Coach BETA

What is HeartSmart?

HeartSmart is your SMS and chat-based health coach that helps you manage your health condition more easily. Always forgetting to take your medications consistently? HeartSmart will remind you. Don't know what exercises are suitable for you? Let HeartSmart guide you. Need diabetes-friendly food delivered? Let HeartSmart handle it for you. Whatever your question or request, HeartSmart will gladly help!

How it Works

HeartSmart is currently undergoing Beta testing. At present, HeartSmart caters to people who have existing cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, or other related conditions.

HeartSmart sends you reminders and answers your queries based on the data that you provide (your doctor's prescriptions, test results, vital signs logs, food logs, etc). HeartSmart can also help you with some of your health-related tasks such as booking doctor's appointments and scheduling lab tests. We turn your data into more understandable and actionable information, to help you better manage your condition.


HeartSmart reminds you to follow your doctor's prescription (medications, exercise, etc)


HeartSmart logs your vitals (blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, food intake, prescriptions, lab results, etc.) on demand and provides insights based on your data


HeartSmart answers your general queries and requests related to your condition (e.g. where to buy medications, book doctor's appointments, etc.)


HeartSmart reminds you of your upcoming medical appointments and helps you prepare for them

What can HeartSmart help me with?

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